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Sometimes you already have a property you like, and perhaps even a layout you love. In those cases, we’ve still got you covered. Want to move walls? Done. Want to move the entry to your business across the room? Easy.

In those instances where you have your building already and just need a caring team to come in and freshen it up, we can help you with that.

Why choose Principal?

Our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help you reclaim or repurpose any space. Our knowledge and expertise will ensure that you receive a high-quality job at an affordable price, no matter whether you are looking for new construction or major remodeling. It is more difficult to renovate commercial, industrial or multi-family properties. These buildings have different materials, budgeting, and codes. There are also more regulations. We are San Antonio’s best renovators, and we can help with your next project.

72 Properties Built

in 2021

2300+ Residents

living in Principal-built MDUs

$23M Saved

in energy costs from quality work

Remodeling construction in San Antonio

Home or office space. Remodeling refers to the alteration of a structure from its original construction. These are just a few examples of remodeling.


  1. Completely transform the structure or style of any building or space.
  2. Modifying the layout of any space, room or garage from the original floorplan.
  3. Combining rooms and other spaces in a structure that was once separated by a wall, or any other type of permanent partition.
  4. Any modification to the exterior or interior of any structure.
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