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We appreciate our state and San Antonio local institutions. Our kids go to school, we take our loved ones to hospitals, and we all occasionally have to deal with the state offices.

With so much importance placed on our local institutions and a ton of time spent in them, it only made sense for us to lend our expertise and quality to our community.

No matter if you are a residential client or an institutional property, we offer the same service and effort to everyone! Give us a call!

Why choose Principal?

No matter if you’re looking for new construction or major renovations, our local knowledge will guarantee that you get a quality job at a fair price. The construction of institutional buildings is more complicated than those of residential. These buildings require different materials, budgeting, and codes, as well as more regulations. San Antonio’s best institutional contractors are well-versed in the differences between building houses and schools.

72 Properties Built

in 2021

2300+ Residents

living in Principal-built MDUs

$23M Saved

in energy costs from quality work

Types of institutional construction in San Antonio

Each institutional building is unique so there is no “one-size fits all” approach to building an institution. The safety and fire protection of the building, accessibility to the community, aesthetics, and compliance with local regulations are all factors that design-build teams consider. They ensure that the design and aesthetics of these buildings have a positive effect on the community by carefully considering how they will be used.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Recreation
  4. Public works
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