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We are grateful for Austin’s local institutions and the state. We send our children to school, we go to the hospital with our loved ones, and sometimes we have to deal directly with state officials.

Given the importance of local institutions and the amount of time we spend in them, it was only natural for us to offer our knowledge and quality to our community.

We offer the same level of service to all clients, regardless of whether they are residential or institutional. Give us a shout!

Why choose Principal?

No matter whether you need new construction or major renovations done, our local knowledge will ensure you get a high-quality job at an affordable price. The construction of institutional buildings can be more complex than that of residential. These buildings need different materials, budgeting, codes, regulations, and more regulations. Austin’s top institutional contractors are knowledgeable about the differences between building houses and schools.

72 Properties Built

in 2021

2300+ Residents

living in Principal-built MDUs

$23M Saved

in energy costs from quality work

Types of institutional construction in Austin, Tx

Each institution is unique and therefore there is no single approach to building one. Our Austin Design-build teams take into consideration safety and fire resistance, accessibility to communities, aesthetics, compliance with local regulations, and compliance with other requirements. The design-build teams make sure that these buildings have an impact on the community. They carefully consider how they will be used.

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Recreation
  4. Public works
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